Stewards of Capital


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Experience  |  Prudence  |  Integrity  |  Passion

We are patient, disciplined, value-oriented investors.  We seek high quality businesses to invest in and hold for many years.  By performing thorough and extensive fundamental research to analyze and value companies, we strive to earn high absolute returns over the long term.  We are driven, passionate investors, who think and act like business owners.  We do not waiver from our common-sense investment principles.  Our team brings experience over several market cycles and a constant focus on the long-term.

The principals of the firm invest alongside our clients.  We manage other people’s money the same way we manage our own.

Our firm is independent.  We have no financial ties to any other enterprise.  We do not sell investment products or funds from other institutions.  Nor do we outsource the investment process to other portfolio managers.

We seek to partner with a select group of clients.  Clients deal directly with a portfolio manager.  We develop lasting relationships based on confidence, trust, and transparency.  Our clients find us approachable, accessible, and responsive.  We take pride in our reputation for integrity, competence, and ethics.