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Peace of Mind


Our Services

We offer discretionary portfolio management to individuals, families, foundations, and businesses.

Customized Approach

We take the time to understand our clients, working with them to determine their objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon, and unique circumstances.  We provide thoughtful advice to help you maintain and grow your wealth.  Typically, we manage several accounts for each family, including registered and non-registered accounts.  This allows us to manage a family’s total portfolio in a tax effective manner.

Segregated Portfolios

We manage segregated investment portfolios for each client.  Our firm is independent, so we do not sell investment products or mutual funds.  Instead, we invest your money directly in stocks and bonds.  We manage your portfolio for you, making all the buy and sell decisions.  We are always available to explain your investments and the decisions we make on your behalf.

Transparency & Reporting

You can monitor your account online at any time.  For each account, you will receive reports of your holdings and activity, at least quarterly.  Annually, we send you a consolidated report of all your family’s accounts and holdings, which includes detailed performance information.  It also outlines the costs you have incurred over the year.  You will receive all required tax slips and, if you would like, we are available to liaise with your tax accountants, or any of your other advisors. 

Personal Client Service

We support clients through the entire investment process.  We value consistent, frequent, and open conversations, as well as sharing of ideas.  Therefore, we are available to meet clients any time to discuss their investments, performance, and other financial questions.  At a minimum, we meet with you annually to ensure your asset mix and portfolio remain appropriate for your current situation.  We monitor your portfolio and make adjustments so that securities remain consistent with your objectives, priorities, and goals.

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